Remote apiary monitoring system

Telemetry and data analysis in one convenient interface
Real-time acquisition of data by mobile phone
Instant notification in the event of a hive being stolen or dropped
Beekeeper's diary with reminders and tasks
Free software with user-friendly interface on all devices

The equipment is compact and easy to install, and the data is accurate and understandable. It is the ideal tool for professionals and beekeepers. Suitable for any beehive.

How much is it?

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4 pieces
Base station Beenalytics HUB
$ 140
Device Beenalytics Hive
$ 40
In addition...
Beenalytics Pads
20 $
Meteo station
70 $
Venom collector
200 $
You can choose the right components or just enter the right number of hives y nosotros lo pagaremos.

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What do you get?

All list of hardware and software
Weight sensors - Beenalytics Pads

Connects to the central unit - Beenalytics Hive and constantly records changes in the weight of the hive. Designed for weighing up to 200 kg. A modification is available for weighing up to 400 kg.

Beenalytics Termo temperature sensors
Beenalytics Humi humidity sensors
Beenalytics Buzz sound sensors


Beenalytics Hive Central Unit

Hive status recording and data transmission to the Beenalytics HUB base station:
- weights
- temperatures
- dampness
- sound

Base station - Beenalytics HUB

- Data collection from all apiary devices
- Optional weather fixation
- Online data transfer
- Operation from internal battery or external power supply

Beenalytics App Software

Data collection and analysis from all devices, as well as the ability to control apiaries and employees


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